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Past Issues

November 2018 Our mission, vision and purpose

August 2018 It changed my life: Words of wisdom, humility, gratitude and joy from the Class of 2018
May 2018 Here we grow again: The blessing and challenges of growth
March 2018 The blessing of our bursary fund
January 2018 Growing better and bigger
November 2017 Why we do what we do

August 2017 The blessing of disagreement
July 2017 What it means to be a 10 out of 10 school
April 2017 Building a community of worship and spiritual growth
December 2016 Welcome to Smithville Christian: Doing right by our newcomers

May 2016 Blue Echoes Strategic planning: Getting things done
February 2016 What’s the point? Is there meaning in your life?
December 2015 Flourishing at Smithville Christian
June 2015 “I have been so blessed”—reflections from the Class of 2015
March 2015 Blue Echoes The In Motion Campaign tops up the bursary fund
November 2014 The In Motion Campaign reaches goal
August 2014 Learning to see God everywhere
June 2014 The In Motion Campaign reaches cruising speed
March 2014 Announcing the In Motion Campaign
January 2014 Investing in gold - Smithville Christian athletes win provincial championship
December 2013 The character of a Christian school and Belonging at Smithville Christian
August 2013 Our Co-ops are tops and Congratulations to the Class of 2013
July 2013 Best job ever and The Blessing Project
March 2013 Blue Echoes Are we getting what we’re paying for?
February 2013 We’re a world-class school!
December 2012 We’re heading to California!
August 2012 Students having lasting impact in their community
July 2012 Christian highschool: a fishbowl or a launching pad?
March 2012 Blue Echoes
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