What’s so great about Smithville Christian High School?

Listen to what our students have to say:

“Since day one I felt welcomed here. I am so glad I could spend my exchange year here and experience all of this. It was amazing.” —Celien Bosma, Germany

“I think I enjoyed every moment in the school. Everything you do as a school for your community is amazing. You are a great community of staff and students.”—Rodrigo Sosa, Mexico

“I had a very good time at Smithville Christian and was very glad to be so welcomed.”—Robert Reimer, Germany

“I really enjoyed the friendly atmosphere.”—Marieke Henniges, Germany

“It was the best environment an exchange student could have.”—Daniela Ortegon, Colombia

“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to study here and for being so kind to me from the beginning.”—Thiago Freitas, Brazil

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And here’s what our Grade 9 students have to say:

The teachers are good, you make new friends quickly and soon.

I like Smithville Christian because it has great teachers that care and understand, and friends that care and are close to you.

It is awesome because of one word: GOD!  I have gone to public schools all my life, but now I have something to look forward to.

I love it here. There are a lot of positive helpful people. The students are very nice to one another; they act as if they were like a family.  In extra curricular activities the other people are very helpful.  In all classes everything relates back to God and the teachers are very strong in their faith and very concerned for our well-being.

I like Smithville Christian because of the cool teachers and principal and lots of fun with students.

How is high school going? Good!  It’s a very friendly environment.  It is easy to make new friends, and if you need help, anyone will help you.

It is a very fun school. You can be welcomed on your first day of grade 9. You can get involved in a lot of things.  It is a very friendly environment to come to.

I love this school. There’s freedom, it’s different from grade school.  I made lots of friends.

I like Smithville Christian because it is a great experience for teenagers. Also because there are a lot of great people and it is easy to make lots of friends in this school.  There are also a lot of extra-curricular things to get involved in (sports, clubs etc.)  It is Great!

Smithville Christian is a very good school. Everything we learn points to a Christian perspective. The teachers are very talented at what they do; it is amazing how everything they teach leads to the Lord.  I really love that.  I also love assemblies on Tuesdays, I feel like we are getting together as one big family to worship God.  I like how we have many different activities as school. So far I am enjoying myself.

I like the teachers here, they are nice, warm and loving people who teach us more about God.  I like my fellow classmates and friends; they are good to me and make me feel like part of them.

I like that when I got here everybody was so nice to me.  It made me feel welcome.

When I was in Grade 8, I was really scared about going to high school.  It seemed so big and different, but when I came here I loved it!  I love the people here who are really awesome, the teachers who give you a lot of help and everything is great!

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Chapel speaker Susan Dunk: “There is a great spirit here. It feels like family. There is something in the air here, so whatever you are doing. Keep it up.”

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