So what happens after you leave Smithville Christian High School?

Does choosing a Christian high school close doors for you? Does a Christian education mean an inferior education?

The answer to both those questions is an emphatic “No,” says Linda Booy-Korvemaker, Smithville Christian High School’s head of student services.

As part of the school’s guidance department for many years, Booy-Korvemaker has met with every one of the hundreds of students who have graduated during her time here.

And she has seen them apply to – and get accepted by – some of the most prestigious university and college programs across the continent.

“Students are accepted in highly competitive programs both at the university and college level when they graduate from Smithville Christian High School,” said Booy-Korvemaker. “We offer the courses students require to get into any college or university. Our students graduate with two diplomas: the OSSD and the Smithville Christian High School diploma. Some of our graduates have also achieved full scholarships into prestigious institutions across North America.”

Three students in the class of 2009 are good examples, said Booy-Korvemaker. Justine Schilstra, Katie Monster and Madeleine Bonsma all applied to limited-entry programs at McMaster University in Hamilton and all were accepted. Katie and Madeleine were among the 700 students who applied for 60 spaces in the university’s prestigious Bachelor of Arts and Science program, and Justine was one of hundreds to apply for the limited number of spaces in the Health Sciences program.

Bonsma and Monster ended up choosing other schools (Waterloo and Redeemer), but “the fact that three of our graduates were offered admission to some of the most challenging university programs in Ontario shows SDCH is recognized and highly respected by these institutions,” Booy-Korvemaker said. Graduates Derrick DeKlerk, Tori Vermeer and Brad VanHoffen will also be attending challenging and prestigious limited-enrolment university programs in the fall.

The education offered by the teachers of Smithville Christian High School meets or exceeds all Ontario Ministry of Education standards, and, because it’s a private school, Smithville Christian undergoes a rigorous inspection every two years to make sure it continues to meet ministry requirements, Booy-Korvemaker said.

But because our graduates are being accepted into top-level programs, sometimes with averages lower than the posted minimums, Booy-Korvemaker knows that the school has a good reputation in college and university admissions offices.

The varied career paths of the school’s graduates are also proof of its success, she said.

Smithville Christian High School alumni are running successful businesses, becoming doctors, lawyers and crown attorneys, engineers, university professors, and more, she said. Tell your family members, neighbours and friends that choosing Smithville Christian means you are getting the best – caring Christian teachers and an excellent education that opens doors to the future.

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