Student Work

We are proud of our students’ work! Browse this page to see samples.

Grade 11 English: Magazine Project The Spark

Spring 2017

Spring 2016

Fall 2016

Fall 2015

May 2015

2014 Edition

Grade 10 English Poetry project: use media to illustrate a work of poetry. Sara de Jong illustrated A bullet for your dreams by Hedley with her original artwork.

Grade 9 Geography: Township of West Lincoln South Trail design
Following on a pedestrian safety project by a Grade 10 Civics class and a town-wide student survey project by a Grade 10 Geography class, students in the Grade 9 Geography class helped design a new nature trail along the banks of Twenty Mile Creek. Construction started in July 2014 and is expected to be complete in August 2014. View the construction drawings.

Grade 11 Media Project: Jojo the Wonderdog

Senior French Project: Etudier le francais


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