Staff Mission Statements

Robert Andree
French, Math, Accounting

“I will strive every day to be a kind, fair, attentive and up-building servant, establishing an atmosphere of mutual trust and appreciation.”  (Based on Matt. 5:13-16)

Stuart Bender
B.A. Hon, B.Ed, OCT, NCCP Level 1 Volleyball
Physical Education, English, Society Challenge and Change

I will strive to fully rely on God’s guidance to instruct, support and challenge students to holistically develop their full potential while integrating faith into all aspects of education.

Marlene Bergsma
Director of Communications and Admissions
International Student Coordinator
Alumni Relations Coordinator

My mission is to inspire a love for the blessings of Christian education and its ability to be a transforming power in the lives of students, their families, our community and the world.

Linda Booy-Korvemaker
B.A., Guidance Specialist, OTC, CSTC, NCCP Level 1 &2 Basketball

It is my hope to be an instrument of God’s grace and mercy.  As a teacher and guidance counsellor, I will work hard to ensure that our school is a place where all students belong and are valued.

Fred Breukelman
On leave. Returning September 2013.
Physical Education, Construction Technology

In striving to be a Christ-like model to my students, my mission is to be understanding, to be an attentive listener, and to guide in nurturing them to develop their gifts and embrace their significance in God’s kingdom today and tomorrow.

Robert Gerryts
B.A., B. Ed
Computer Science, Technology Support

In myself and in others I hope for:
Truth which rides side by side with Honesty
Confusion which melts away into Understanding
Curiosity which grows into Inspiration
Self Worth which manifests itself as Integrity
Success that brings Enjoyment
Empathy inspired by a Love of Christ.

Ted Harris

Al Korvemaker
B.A., B.Ed, CSTC, OTC, NCCP Level 1 Volleyball, Level 3 Basketball
History, Society Challenge and Change

I will encourage students to see God’s hand in the past and present and point them to a hopeful future in relationship and service to God.

Will Lammers
M.Ed., B.A., B.Ed, A.R.C.T, OTC, CSTC
Assistant Administrator, Chemistry, Physics, Music

“My mission is to lead each student towards a totally committed desire to make the very first thing he or she seeks be the kingdom of God.”

Gord Park
B.A. Hon, B.Ed, CSTC, OTC
English, Drama

To interact with students in a manner whereby obeying, honouring and glorifying Jesus Christ is paramount and evident.

Neale Robb
B.Th, M.Div, D.Min
Bible, Civics, Co-op

With God’s help, I seek to imitate Christ and, by teaching and example, encourage students to passionately follow and serve Jesus.

Michelle Slump-Houwer
B.A., MTC, L.D. Endorsement K-12, CSTC, NCCP Level 1 Volleyball
Resource Director

My mission is to empower special needs and at-risk students to become successful image-bearers of God in His Kingdom.

John van den Boogaard
B.A., B. Ed, CSTC, OCT, Autocad Operator Certificate
Math, Integrated Technology, Design Technology, Construction Technology

My mission is to reflect God’s love to my students and colleagues, treating them with respect, encouraging them to “grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Gina VandenDool
B.A., Level 1 and 2 Volleyball, Level 1 Badminton
Family Studies, Business

“Daily, I am challenged and will encourage others to boldly confess being a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Leaning on His unfailing love, strength and promises, and seeking first God’s (His) Kingdom, I am excited that we will learn, build community and celebrate each other’s gifts.

Jim VanderLinde
English, Small Engines

My prayer is that I teach students to be truth seekers, that as a class we grow in wisdom, and that we often learn by losing ourselves in the joy of the creative process.

David Wonder
B.A., B.Sc., B.Ed., OTC, CSTC
Biology, Math, Chemistry

“As students and I discover the beauty and mystery of God’s revelation to us, and as we look for evidence of his fingerprints on all of creation, I will work hard to have my students understand God’s purpose for their lives; that is to love and to be loved.

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