Curricular Goals

In our striving for excellence, the program at Smithville Christian High School directs the student to ...

1. develop a solid scriptural knowledge in order to
- use the Bible as a guide for living
- recognize the universal rule of Christ
- consider issues from a Biblical perspective

2. demonstrate Christian character and wisdom in order to

- act with integrity, respect and honesty
- promote justice and mercy
- commit to further learning and growing

3. identify his/her personal gifts and be ready to use them to

- give leadership in an area of expertise or interest
- promote justice and mercy in a hurting world
- serve obediently and boldly for the sake of God’s kingdom

4. understand how to build community and be ready to
- develop caring relationships
- cooperate and resolve conflicts
- respond to strangers and those unlike them with kindness and understanding

5. communicate with clarity, integrity and conviction demonstrated by an ability to
- use the gift of language with proficiency
- speak and write confidently and persuasively
- speak the truth lovingly and forthrightly

6. identify and wonder at God’s handiwork in creation with an ability to
- grasp the beauty and order of creation
- connect the greatness of God with the detail of what he has made

7. understand and form a biblical perspective on the forces that shape human culture with an ability to
- understand history
- act as a responsible citizen
- interact wisely with culture
- discern the redemptive value of human undertakings
- develop well supported viewpoints on a broad range of issues

8. image God with creativity in an ability to
- express him/herself in joyful thanksgiving
- understand great artistic or literary works
- understand how literature and art comment on the human condition

9. exercise good stewardship with an ability to
- use the body in healthy and playful ways
- use time efficiently
- use creation’s resources responsibly
- view money and possessions as gifts from God to be used wisely
- using technology wisely and effectively

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