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By Ted Harris, Administrator
This poster can be found at the entrances to our school and on the walls of every classroom and office.
Belonging, believing and succeeding are things that we hold very dear, and this poster makes it clear what we're after when talk about these things. The poster is our effort to reflect and direct. We want what’s on this poster to both tell others and remind ourselves what kind of learning community we are. We also want the posters to stimulate us to continue to grow as a Christian high school that honours God and enables young people.
Here is what the smaller white words on the poster say, followed by a thought about what each phrase means to me:

• accept others and celebrate their uniqueness - we will strive to bring diversity to the student body, we will teach and model acceptance, we will structure our classes so that uniqueness is embraced, we will employ strategies which allow different learning styles to thrive, and we will be intolerant of behaviours that limit acceptance.
• collaborate with other learners - we will structure learning situations where success is dependent on meaningful collaboration.
• extend the gift of hospitality - we will train students to receive guests in our school with bright engagement, and we will model this as teachers and staff on all occasions.

• yearn for wisdom - we will strive to integrate Biblical perspective in all subject areas and require our students to articulate or demonstrate understanding of that perspective.
• learn Christian discipleship - we will hold our students accountable to a high standard of conduct in school and at all school events, and we will employ restorative means for addressing contrary behaviours.
• worship meaningfully - we will plan chapel and devotional experiences which give students much opportunity to lead and join in vibrant worship.
• discern the value of cultural trends - we will train our students to have one foot in scripture and one foot in the world.
• demonstrate integrity - we will teach and reinforce the value of speaking the truth in love and walking the talk.

• greet learning opportunities with curiosity and awe - we will structure learning activities which entice vibrant learning, and we will not tolerate lack of engagement in our learners.
• lead and follow with a servant’s heart - we will structure learning that engages the needs of the world and reinforce our instruction with meaningful opportunities to lead and to serve inside and outside the school.
• shape culture - we will encourage learning which ignites passion and which yields quality products of lasting significance.
• plan for post-secondary success - we will structure a program which allows for a diversity of paths, and we will provide a strong Guidance program which engages students in frequent conversation and exploration of post-secondary possibilities.
• seek God’s calling - we will seek to know all students well, to engage them in an exploration of their God-given talents and passions, and to mentor them in discerning God’s calling in their lives.

It is my sincere hope that when parents and students look at this poster, they will remember that we are a Christian high school that takes very seriously what we set out to do in the lives of our students. When teachers look at it, I am certain they will be reminded of every conversation we have had about the kind of school we intend to be and the kind of learning we intend to have happen here.

We welcome you to join the conversation about belonging, believing and succeeding.

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